You decide what you want from life.

One of my pleasures in life is working 1:1 coaching with clients. I see so much more of you in these sessions, and more importantly, you see more of yourself. You are often confronted by the real you. Your true desires, hopes, and fears. 

In these moments of clarity and rawness, one thing that stands out loud and clear is the issues of living for others. 

You are part of a family, a tribe, a community, a society, and that connection can often have you stuck umming and ahing about what you want. What you’re willing to chase and sacrifice for. 

The outcome of living this way is the reason you often come to work with me or a coach in general in the first place. It’s confusion, unfulfillment, and a desire of wanting and needing more. 

If you want to find the rhyme to set goals and achieve them, a desire to feel in control, and a sense of growth, then start connecting back to yourself.


What is it that you want? Why do you want it? What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve it?


Three steps to achieving your biggest goals is a FREEBIE that goes a bit deeper into this so download that here if you haven’t already. 


What message do I want to give you in this blog? It is a message to say if you want to create a life of joy and fulfilment then understand and respect your wants and create a plan and a focus that supports that. This can be from trivial things such as avoiding following trends in fashion or entertainment to going after the career you want or raising your children how you wish. 

This does not mean ignoring or disrespecting well wishes and helpful advice from those that care about you. It does not mean fighting with or breaking down relationships. It just means that ultimately you must have the confidence to know what is best for you and pursue that with conviction. People will respect your results and boundaries once you establish and stick to them yourself. 


Go ahead and see this blog as your permission slip if you ever needed one.