Coaching sessions with Farah for me were absolutely LIFE CHANGING. She has helped me discover those parts of myself that I did not know existed, she made me find ways to overcome my limiting beliefs and she opened up the doors to those possibilities that had never crossed my mind before.

Farah is a warm and energetic person who creates an atmosphere of openness and trust. I felt like our coaching sessions were run in both professional and friendly manner. That particularly allowed me to express myself freely and discuss issues which previously had not seen the day light.

By using purposeful and challenging questioning techniques she made me discover new ways of achieving my goals and helped me to look at them from a fresh perspective. During every session Farah navigated me to get into real insights around my aims and she made sure that behind my choices were strong reasons, my core values and beliefs, things that truly matter to me and that were dear to my heart.

Most importantly I found our coaching sessions very effective. At the end of each conversation I felt highly motivated to take actions towards achieving my goals and therefore was always able to follow through and gain the desired results.

I highly recommend coaching sessions with Farah for everyone who wants to go on a journey of self-development, self-discovery and seek to achieve their goals and dreams with clarity in mind, confidence and a map in their hand.