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Achieve your career goals in 4 weeks

There are many areas of our lives. We have health, family, faith, and so many more to work on, improve, enjoy, and build in a way that makes us feel happy and fulfilled. But career or our profession is a massive area for most of us. It is where we spend most of our time for a long time.


Where are you currently in your career or job?


Are you in a job just to pay the bills or are you in a profession where you can make a difference, have an impact, and be rewarded handsomely for it?

Or are you struggling to get the job altogether?


The Achieve It course is for you to gain clarity and confidence in your career goal.

This unique course combines practical elements to achieve a great job such as interview skills, public speaking, cover letter perfection with mindset and coaching work in an environment with other likeminded women to give you the community support you need.

Is this for me?
This course is for you if:

– You are have started or about to start searching for your next job or career.

– You need more confidence to secure the job you deserve and know you can do.

– You want to be equipped for anything that the job searching process throws at you.

– You want to make your mark once you do get the job.

What you will get from this course:
By the end of the 4-week course you will:

– Feel more confident and more clear on exactly what you want for your next job or career.

– Gain clarity on what is blocking you and a create a plan to get you moving.

– Improve practical skills such as interview skills, public speaking, cover letter, and so much more.

– Gain access to a community that will be there for your way beyond the four weeks.

What else is included?

  • Unlimited resources included such as bonus material on ‘How to get the Promotion’. 

  • Access into our private Facebook to get on-going help from me and each other. 

When and where is it?
  • Where: Online
  • When: Every Wednesday for four weeks starting 17th March 2021, 8:00 pm-10:00pm GMT.

Testimonials from past clients

I am writing a quick note to thank you for the opportunity and to express that I thoroughly enjoyed your Career Coaching Course. I have learned so much about bouncing back stronger with a greater plan. I appreciate your efforts and the tools you have provided to help me achieve my goals and vision by boosting my confidence and directing me to the right career path. (Rose)

Testimonials from past clients

I lack confidence, and the career coaching course has me thinking about my thoughts and how I can improve my confidence. I also loved the interview skills training. This has made it so much easier. (Shaheda)

Testimonials from past clients

This by far is the best workshop I have been part of, and Farah is the best trainer and coach. (Katie)

Testimonials from past clients

I was feeling so low before this course. I did not know how to get the job I really want but working with Farah and the rest of ladies, I now have a plan. I will achieve it and I am so happy. (Maryam)


One-time payment of £99.

What is Inspire Her Coaching?

Inspire Her Coaching is a coaching service primarily for women to help you beat procrastination and take action on your goals. 

Who is your coach?

My name is Farah Dualeh. I am qualified a Personal Development Coach and have accreditation by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I have now been running Inspire Her Coaching (IHC) for over three years, and I have delivered this current career course to many organisations for over two years helping over 100 women achieve their career goal and increase their confidence.

Course overview

Week by week course focus


Goal setting & Confidence building

Time – management and Interview training

Communication and public speaking

Skills Audit, Cover Letter and Career Planning