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Are you here because you are ambitious and have big goals but struggle to take action, or stay consistent or even know what the next step is?

Procrastination or the delaying of taking action is extremely common and normal. However, you can take control and change your habits so that you can set goals and follow through on actions to achieve them.

Do you have goals like these?

-To achieve ideal weight, eat healthier and be content with the physical body.

-Achieve a better work/life balance, secure a job you love or secure a promotion.

-Achieve financial freedom and or get out of debt.

-Build good lifestyle daily habits.

Did you answer YES to any of the above? If you did then you have come to the right place.

Inspire Her Coaching exists for you. One-to-one coaching with me will help you finally get out of your way and

take regular, practical and at-times very bold actions to take you from where you today to where you want to be.

Please see the packages below to see what is most suitable for you to start this journey of self-investment and life-changing growth. You can start by booking your FREE 90-minute consultation session.



Do you help people get back into work?

Do you have targets to reach for funded or time-limited projects?

Do you have staff that are stretched to the maximum to deliver all the work required?

If you said YES to the above questions, then group coaching and or training with me will help you meet targets that help people achieve SMART goals around employability. Group coaching with me will motivate service users to look and secure work, volunteering or training. This will help you free- up staff time whilst I deliver and report back on group sessions.


For more information, you can start by going to packages section on this page



Career & Confidence: Group Course


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Autumn 2018 Reclaim your time

Learn how to to be free from your phone in 4 weeks- Sept-Oct 2018


Career Coaching Workshop

August 2017 2)


Take Control of Your Habits Workshop

August 2017