Before I started coaching, I was struggling with confidence and clarity in relation to my career and options available with my multiple passions. The questions asked in the coaching allowed me to reflect on my life and I gained so much from coaching with Farah including the varied options and steps I can take towards a great career.
  • C. Khelfaoui

“Working with Farah got me 2 Jobs”

“Farah has helped me with my confidence in applying for job I use to think I was never good enough for. She has supported me in interview preparation understanding questions and how best to answer them. I’m glad to say I was offered 2 jobs! She has helped me to realise my potential. I highly recommend her.”

Kanvil. A.

My biggest outcome from the course was understanding what I need to do next to get to my ideal career and found the tools to help me out. What I loved most about the course is Farah taking actions work with us, asking us what we did each week, The support groups and how everyone got friendly in the end- would wish it was longer. I liked the last workshops the best. Truly loved it and has helped me start thinking what I need to do in the future.

R. Yusuf


“Coaching sessions with Farah for me were LIFE CHANGING. She has helped me discover those parts of myself that I did not know existed, she made me find ways to overcome my limiting beliefs and she opened up the doors to those possibilities that had never crossed my mind before.

 Farah is a warm and energetic person who creates an atmosphere of openness and trust. I felt like our coaching sessions were run in both a professional and friendly manner. That particularly allowed me to express myself freely and discuss issues which previously had not seen the daylight.

By using purposeful and challenging questioning techniques, she made me discover new ways of achieving my goals and helped me to look at them from a fresh perspective. During every session, Farah navigated me to get into real insights around my aims and she made sure that behind my choices were strong reasons, my core values and beliefs, things that truly matter to me and that were dear to my heart.

 Most importantly I found our coaching sessions very effective. At the end of each conversation, I felt highly motivated to take actions towards achieving my goals, and therefore was always able to follow through and gain the desired results.

 I highly recommend coaching sessions with Farah for everyone who wants to go on a journey of self-development, self-discovery, and seek to achieve their goals, and dreams with clarity in mind, confidence and a map in their hand.”

Paulina Tejs

"It was very interactive and also felt safe - that it was a non judgement zone."

Naima Yusuf

"I would like to express my thanks to Farah, who has managed and facilitated one of our Aspire workshops. We had the pleasure of knowing Farah on other occasions, but when we asked her to do one workshop for us she astonished us. She took into account what we want the participants to gain from the workshops. Her presentation style was smooth, she gave good opportunities for practising what we had learned and kept up a high level of energy and interests for the participant throughout the workshop. Farah, thank you for everything and what you have taught us and the participants."


"I LOVED farah! She is exceptional, thoughtful and shows a depth of understanding to your needs at all cost! She makes you keep going and never give up! She listens !!! She hears the words you say and you don’t say, and helps you deal with all your insecurities you may have. I will forever remember how she has helped me develop into the lady I am becoming today 🙂 My biggest outcome was getting a solution to my challenges around my own personal goals. Learning how to manage my own mindset whilst going through personal challenges. How to stay focused on one goal at a time, big or small. How to not be so hard on myself? How to keep focused? How to be present in the moments I share with others."

A. Jibril

"Before I started this course I had a goal & a dream company set in my mind i wanted to work at after my studies. However, I didn't have the roadmap and any tangible step ready to get to that job. With Farah helps I learned so much in just 1 month I have become more prepared, organised and most importantly Excited for my bright future. My biggest outcome from the coaching was to be prepared and to have a bulletproof plan in place. because the person who gets the job is the one who is most "prepared"... that's a FACT!”

K. Nour

"I was at a point in my life where I felt overwhelmed. Career wise, health wise, education, family are all important to me however life sometimes takes over and you forget what you want. Farah helped me gather my thoughts, she didn't tell me what to do. She encouraged me and provided me with clarity."


"Farah at Inspire Her Coaching has been truly an impact in my life. I have in the past got career, health and habits coaching from Farah and each time, the questions, tools and support provided have been extremely practical and powerful in giving me clarity and clear steps on what to do next. She is friendly, approachable and passionate about seeing people succeed. She is also very affordable for a great service. Book a session with her and try it out for yourself."


"Farah from Inspire Her Coaching was an absolute pleasure to work with. I approached IHC as I felt I wasn't achieving any of my goals while lacking structure. she was easy to talk to which made me feel very comfortable, she helped me set realistic goals and ways to be accountable. I would recommend inspire her coaching if you are serious about getting your life in order with a no nonsense approach."


"I ended up in a place of having abundance of clients and the clarity of what is the direction I want to follow and what steps I need to take. Moreover the atmosphere was helping me to be open and share my thoughts, ideas and goals. Farah asked me some brilliant questions, which lead to some key breakthroughs. She is approachable and professional at the same time. Try it out for yourself, you can be certain that life will never be the same again."


"Working with Farah is like having two minds, one to manage the logistics and the other to explore the emotional issues that come with it. It's amazing, I find myself going exactly where I need to go in our sessions, exploring the core issues. I feel heard, supported and understood and I always come away knowing exactly what needs to be done. I have seen my self confidence grow, become increasingly successful and put down strong roots through good decision making, thoughtful management and above all enthusiastic guidance. She is amazing and I am so glad to have her as a coach."


"I have had four sessions with Farah. Since graduating and starting a full time job I have felt as if I have not thought about what I want as life goals. I have been extremely busy and believed that I had no time for anything else except for work. Having these sessions have forced me to stop and think. Farah has made me realise about the importance of making sure I place time in time for myself and work towards my goals. Farah helped me achieve my goals by breaking it down into smaller goals. I have used this technique not just for I but also in my workplace. I am now a lot calmer and strategic when trying to achieve my goals."

Nilima Islam

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