Coaching with me will;

-Allow you to finally take action and achieve your goals

-Give you clarity on what you need to do to achieve those goals

-Help you change your mindset so it can help you achieve what you want (no more self-sabotage or procrastination).

-Give you the ability to take control and assess your options if you have fertility issues.

Coaching services at Inspire Her Coaching include one-to-one, group coaching and workshops. 

I suffer with anxiety and have not worked inĀ  over 3 years. My confidence was very low when I started working with Farah for 4 weeks in a group coaching setting then on to have further 6 one-to-one sessions. From this coaching, I achieved clarity, was asked questions that had me reflecting on my habits and ultimately helped to get me out of feeling stuck. I am now half-way through a course in my chosen field and the future is very bright. Thank you so much Farah.