Why work with me

“I believe in the power of co-active coaching. This means that you have the tools, resources and ability to make the changes you want to make and create a fulfilling life for yourself. As your coach, I work with you to design an action plan that is personal, unique and practical in helping you to achieve your specific goals”. 

My one thing to the world

What is the one thing you would give to the world if you had the power? For some of you, the answer is to end world poverty or create a just system for all.  For me, the one thing that I would give to every single person on earth if I had the ability is for every single human on earth to live with ambition, positive outlook, accountability, to dream big, to live with purpose and not have life just happen to them. It would be for each person to live the best life they possibly could in whatever circumstance they are in. I honestly and sincerely believe that if each person lived this way, the world would be better, that the personal lives of many would be better, and many of us would be much closer to our dreams.

Why coaching?

I do what I do because coaching is one of the key disciplines available today that supports for an individual or a group of people to achieve what I have described above and to retain the power for each person to carve out a life they are fulfilled in.

Why me?

Since 2007, I have used a little green book to write my goals each year. I have done this every year since 2007. The most remarkable thing about doing this annually and inspecting it over the years is that every single goal has been achieved (even the one everyone said was impossible), except one so far (more on that later). Why do I share this with you? I share because for me to be able to help you achieve your goals, I must be able to achieve my own, to be committed to them and to work through them even when it becomes difficult or takes a while longer.

I believe that I can work with you to design and work for a life that is both fulfilling and within your power as much as possible. Beyond my own goals, the results my clients both in groups and 1:1 have achieved over the last few years have been both humbling and inspiring. With all that said, evidence from own achievements and the help I was able to provide others was not enough for me to sit on my laurels before committing to becoming a coach and trainer. I, therefore, decided to get some formal training and skills and qualified in April 2017 as a Personal Performance Coach from The Coaching Academy as well as being International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited.

Areas of work

I help women take action on both short and long-term goals, so they feel in control and able to take required steps. I also work with organisations on employment training programmes. 

Farah Dualeh

Farah Dualeh

Founder of Inspire Her Coaching