One-to-one coaching for women

Group Coaching and Training for Organisations

If you are a woman frustrated by lack of action on your goals, I will help you realise the steps to take so you can achieve important life goals more quickly.
If you are an organisation working with people on career, employability, or confidence, I can help you get your clients/service users motivated and focused so you can meet targets and save on staff time in an effective and creative way.


“This short course motivated and energized our service users and helped us get more of them into employment (both paid and unpaid).”

Powerful experience

I have really enjoyed all the coaching sessions I had with Farah. It was an amazingly useful experience. Overall, I think, the coaching sessions I had with Farah helped me know myself better.

Life Changing

Coaching sessions with Farah for me were absolutely LIFE CHANGING. She has helped me discover those parts of myself that I did not know existed, she made me find ways to overcome my limiting beliefs...