About Me

“I believe in the power of co-active coaching. This means that you as the client have the tools, resources and abilities to really make your dreams come true. As your coach, I work with you to design an action plan that is personal, unique and practical in helping you to achieve your goals”

Area of work

I have experienced infertility for nearly a decade so I know about the multitude of negative feelings that can plague the mind and heart whilst longing for a baby. During this time, I have chosen how I experince, enjoy and thrive in my body,my marriage, my faithmy life despite and in many cases because of this gift of infertility. My passion now lies in transforming the mindset and the lives of Mulslim women who are coming to terms with Infertility. My desire in life is to see and support more Muslim women take back power, control and have hope in living a truly fulfilling life even if the dream of a biological child never becomes a reality.

Along with supprting women through infertility I am a qualified and International Coaching Federation (IFC) approved Personal Performance Coach (life coach) giving me the ability to work with and empower all types of people in any of their life includying;



Healthy Lifestyle

Faith based goals


Check out our packages pages to see how we can work together. Also join the supportive conversation in our private group if you have experienced infertility issues. 

Your Personal Coach Farah Dualeh

Farah Dualeh

Farah Dualeh

Founder of Inspire Her Coaching